Cash Gifts


Our family LOVE birthdays.  We pride ourselves on giving thoughtful gifts and like to go “Off List” at times to surprise the birthday girl or boy.  This year my daughter is frantically saving to go volunteering in Uganda for 10 weeks and needs some very boring and very practical gifts like hiking boots.  Most people gave her cash towards these purchases.  I still wanted it to be a little fun to receive the gift so I  made this card for her.


I had seen a similar one on pinterest.  The candles are made of tightly rolled $10 notes.  Washi Tape around the base held the roll in place and I used Glue Dots (1772) to attach the candles to the card.  These little dots are removable as is the Washi Tape, so she can unroll her candles and make her purchase.

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Happy Scrappin’


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