Passionate About Pages
Perth , West Australia

Bio: Photos have always been a really important part of my life. Mum always had a camera and recorded family milestones with it. We would put the photos into albums (those horrible photo killing peel & stick ones) and then add strips of paper to tell about them. We saved cards, tickets, maps and other memorabilia and were constantly frustrated that it was really hard to display them alongside our photos. When I discovered quality scrapbooking albums in 2000, I had over 20 years worth of photos in peel and stick albums. AHHHHHHH! My photos I thought I was preserving were being destroyed by acid, chlorine gas and caustic glues. I sat for hours, removing those photos and storing them in sort boxes until I could make new albums that would last a lifetime. Every milestone, holiday and lots of the day to day 'stuff' of our life is recorded in my albums (over 100 to date). I love sharing album making with others and helping people live their life twice through photo sharing. Welcome! I hope these blog posts encourage you to share your photos and their stories so others may enjoy them for years to come. Shaunna

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