These Are My People Blog Hop

Hop along to enjoy creative ideas using the latest Close To My Heart products.

Welcome to the CTMH Australasian These Are My People Blog Hop.  This hop features the artwork of some talented women from across Australia and New Zealand.

If you arrived from  Doris’s Blog, Creative Inspirations, you are in the right place.  If this is your first time on a blog hop simply read on and enjoy my creations.  If you like what I show today, please subscribe to my blog, leave a comment on this post or share it on social media. Then you click on the link at the end of this post and it will take you to the next blog and so on and so on. Easy and fun! Best part- you can see several different projects you can create with Close To My Heart’s These Are My People collection!   When you land back here, you are done and it’s time to hit the scrapbook room for some crafting fun.

The These Are My People collection includes a 12×12 Cut Above Kit, a paper pack, stickers, co-ordinating cardstock and a stamp set.  You can purchase items individually or as a bundle.  There is also a downloadable instruction handout filled with inspiration for 2 layouts, 2 single pages and 13 cards.  Be sure to save this handout so you can replicate the patterns over and over in different paper packs.  When you switch the papers, they will suit different people in your life. The handout is available until March 31, 2020 on the Promotions Tab of your consultant’s website.

Who are your people?

This collection is all about honouring the important people in your life. Who is missing from your scrapbooks? For me, it is my aunts and uncles that I wish to focus on for the layouts I’m making this month. I have very few layouts that include them as we live on opposite sides of the country.

These gorgeous people are my mum’s siblings. Together, they are a shining example of people who did not let their early life circumstances keep them down. They were funny, caring, loving and always supportive of each other. The three photos were taken over a 30 year period.

I plan for this to be the opening layout in a chapter all about them. Following layouts will focus on individuals and what they taught me about life in general and family in particular.

The journalling on this layout is an example of Story by Stacy Short Story. Following pages will use the Stories I love journalling style.

Create a bold page title

The title was created using Thin Cuts. I love the shape of the Stitched Bracket Thin cuts. The actual shapes were used in a kit project for my customers but the leftover strip was a perfect place to frame the letters created with Close To My Heart’s newest ABC/123 dies – Classic Alphabet Thin Cuts.

Cut the letters from scraps and stick to the layout. Then outline each letter with a black journalling pen. Work slowly and you will find it easy to follow the shape of the letter.

Add stamping to your printed paper

The soft peach spots on this print are lovely but did not provide enough contrast on the page. By adding a stamped flower to each spot a bolder look was created.

Stamped embellishments complete the layout

The bluebird chevron pattern is created by repeatedly stamping this small stamp. This creates a border to frame the photos on the layout. ‘Love these people‘ is the perfect phrase to use as a title and can also be found on the stamp set with this collection

Order your supplies this month

The These Are My People collection is only available to purchase for a limited time.  Order yours on your consultant’s website before April 30.  If you do not have a consultant, please visit my website for full details. A list of products used on my layout appears at the end of this post. 

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Close To My Heart products used in this project

CC3203 These Are My People Paper Pack

CC3205 These Are My People Stamp Set

X9013 Mix In Paper Pack

Z3655 Classic Alphabet Thin Cuts

Z3631 Stitched Bracket Thin Cuts

X5947 Mink Cardstock

X6037 Bluebird Cardstock

Z2851 Saffron Stamp Pad

Z6508 Bluebird Stamp Pad

Z3517 Black Journalling Pen

Z3372 CTMH Adhesive Runner

How to become a better storyteller in your scrapbook albums


Let’s take a walk down memory lane

  • What was the first scrapbook album you worked on?
  • How did you feel putting it together?
  • When you look back at that album what emotions does it stir for you?
  • Have you shared that album with others?
  • What was their reaction?

It’s interesting that when I’ve asked these questions of other scrapbookers no-one has ever answered with,

“Page 3 had the cutest piece of paper on it!” or

“The way I shaped and layered the border embellishments on page 16 was just awesome!!” or

“I am sooooo pleased I spent 2 hours deciding on the shade of blue to use on page 27 – It’s perfect”

Instead, album makers talked about remembering and connecting with the experiences. The memories were the most important part of the album. That’s not to say the creative journey isn’t a valuable one.  I LOVE trying new creative techniques on my own album pages, it keeps me interested and motivated to work on my albums but I know that bit is only for me – and possibly my scrappy friends.  I know the value placed on my albums by others is in the stories told and the memories captured in the photos.  Would you agree?

Are you a great storyteller?

Blending photos and words to capture the essence of the stories that mean the most to you can be a challenge. 

  • Do you think others reading your albums will have a good understanding of the stories you are sharing?
  • How do you feel about story telling in your albums?
  • What messages are you trying to convey when you choose photos and write about them?
  • What is holding you back from writing more or writing on a deeper level?

In my experience, most scrapbookers find journalling the most difficult part of the process – you can’t think of the words to use, you’re not sure where to write, how much to write.  For most of us, it’s an afterthought – the photos have priority and then there is no room to tell a long story.   Often, the design of the page takes so long; you are weary by the time you get to the writing. The story becomes the traditional Where, What, When, Why sort.  There’s no reflection; no linking the experience to family traditions or to past experiences; it’s a list of facts, not a story. 

In most case, the meaningful story comes out only when you are standing beside the reader and telling him or her about the experience.  What happens if you are not there?

Future Project

Let’s think about an album project you would like to complete.  Imagine a perfect world, one where you have time to devote to a special album, you have awesome storytelling skills and can write a meaningful and heartfelt story for every page, your design elements are on point and everyone just LOVES looking at your album over and over.  What would that album be?

What is holding you back from starting that album?

  • Need to organise resources
  • Need to find the time
  • Need help to write the stories

How long do you think it will be until everything is organised and planned, ready for you to start?  For most of us, we’ve had projects on this list for years and we are no closer to getting started.

Start now

  • What if I told you, you can begin it right now? With no perfect plan.  With missing information. Without choosing the paper pack.
  • What if you became an ‘anti-chronolgist’?  Working with photos that are not in date order!
  • What if I told you to start with a story and find the photos to go with it?
  • Would you be willing to try?

Chances are, you’ve already begun without knowing it.

Close To My Heart offer a 4 step programme to help you see that you are not ‘behind’ in your album making; that you have exactly enough time to tell the stories you love the most and that the way we’ve been organising photos and making albums in the past is only one way of many. 

The program is called Story by Stacy.  It includes kits for 4 projects.  Each kit teaches you a different journalling technique and way to display your photos.  The first 3 kits are small albums; the last one shows how to apply what you’ve learnt to a 12” x 12” format.

Story by Stacy – 4 parts to the series. 

  • First up is Story Starter.  This 4” x 4” album kit and it’s workbook helps you delve into your attic of memories.  Open boxes of stories you may have forgotten and find ways to tell those stories with photos and words.  You will learn a simple process to write a short story for each of 9 photos relating to one person, place or thing. 
Story Starter Albums are the perfect place to record sweet memories of a person, place or thing that means a lot to you. Order yours at
  • The second kit is called Short Story.  This 6” x 6” album project helps you build on your intuition and storytelling skills to share your memories through the process of visual storytelling.  You will take 30-40 photos relating to one person, place or event, arrange them so they capture the reader’s interest and finish off with a story written at the end.
Short Story albums allow you to include LOTS of photos and tell a summary story at the end. Order yours at
  • Stories I Love is the third kit. It is all about the photos that mean the most to you.  The workbook helps you explore the memories behind the photos and write a detailed story to capture the elements of that moment.  You follow a very simple pattern to display single photos on the left hand page and a story on the right of a 6” x 8” album
A Stories I Love album is the place for you most loved photos and their stories. Order yours at
  • The fourth kit is called Storyteller and looks at producing an extended story.  This is like a chapter in a bigger album, building on what you have learnt in Story Starter, Short Story and Stories I Love.  You may like to take it a step further where what you have experienced is compared a contrasted to another person, place or time. 
The Storyteller How To Book shows you haw to adapte the skills you've learnt in Story Starter, Short Story and Stories I love for a larger project. Order yours at

The first 3 kits help you create different styles of memory books.  You can keep these as discreet projects or meld them into your larger project. 

What do you think?  Is this something you’d like to try?

You have two ways to work on these projects:

  1. Visit my website and order your Story by Stacy kits for home delivery anywhere within Australia.  Simply follow the workbooks included in each kit to learn the 4 different storytelling models.  If you need help, private message via my Facebook page
  2. Attend a face to face class.  I am teaching each of the four projects.  If you live in Perth, Western Australia, I’d love you to join the fun.  Simply head over to my Facebook Page and send me a private message. 

If you’d like to be kept up to date on all the events I offer, sign up for my newsletter here

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S1903 This Happened CTMH Stamp of the Month Australasian Blog Hop

Hop along to enjoy creative ideas using the latest Close To My Heart products.

Welcome to the Stamp of the Month Australasian Blog Hop.  This is a circular hop.  If you arrived from Doreen’s Blog,  you are in the right place. Simply read through this post and click on the link to the next blog at the end of it.  Keep reading and ‘hopping’ until you find yourself back where you started from.  Each blog will showcase a project featuring the This Happened (S1903) stamp set which is March’s Stamp of the Month.

Tell your story using S1903 This Happened- March 2019's Stamp of the Month from Close To My Heart. Order yours from during March 2019

This stamp set will make every scrapbookers heart happy!  So many cool phrases and images in this set will help make your journaling pop on the page.

Tell your story using S1903 This Happened- March 2019's Stamp of the Month from Close To My Heart.  Order yours from during March 2019

First up, let’s look at how you can integrate the journaling into an existing layout design.  This layout began with one of the 8” x 6” pages shown in the I Heart Us Deluxe Workshops Your Way kit.  Adding the page and photos to a 12 x 12 base is easy.

The small squares were originally meant for photos but adding stamped journal lines inside the squares, turn them into an interesting place to tell your story.

Tell your story using S1903 This Happened- March 2019's Stamp of the Month from Close To My Heart. Order yours from during March 2019

The gorgeous little starburst stamp buddies nicely with the sequins to complete the title and embellishment clusters on the layout.  Adding the date to a layout is super helpful when you are ready to file it into an album.

The following photos show 5 ways you can use this stamp set to make your own PML journaling cards – either 6” x 4” or 3” x 4”.  The papers used are from So Much Happy, which is March’s featured collection with Close To My Heart.

Tell your story using S1903 This Happened- March 2019's Stamp of the Month from Close To My Heart. Order yours from during March 2019
Tell your story using S1903 This Happened- March 2019's Stamp of the Month from Close To My Heart. Order yours from during March 2019

Stamp this image in several colours.  Fussy cut text and arrows to swap out segments or colour in the arrows with Mint Shimmer Brush.

Making your own journal boxes is a great way to use up small off cuts once you have made the layouts from a scrapbooking kit.

This Happened  (S1903) is only available during March, 2019.  Full retail price is $29.50 but you can have this gorgeous set for just $8.25 when accompanied by an $82.50 order. Place your order with your Close To My Heart Consultant.

Can you see yourself using some of these ideas? I’d love you to leave a comment for me before you click on the underlined link and move on to
Doris’s Blog ,  to see the lovely project she has designed for you. 

A list of the products used for this project follows.  All items are available to purchase from your Close To My Heart Consultant. If you don’t have a consultant, the link will take you to my website.

Happy Scrappin’


Products used in the Project

S1903 This Happened Stamp Set

Z4508 I Heart Us Deluxe Scrapbooking Workshop

Z7241B So Much Happy Paper Pack

Z4225  Mint Shimmer Brush

Z2848 Sapphire Exclusive Ink

Z6508 Bluebird Exclusive Ink

Z6509 Candy Apple Exclusive Ink

Z2895 Lagoon Exclusive Ink

Z2812 Raspberry Exclusive Ink

Z6503 Mint Exclusive Ink

Z65081 Ballerina Exclusive Ink

Z2808 Lemon Exclusive Ink

Z3341 Thin 3-D Foam Dots

Z1979 Le Pen Journaling Pen