My NEW sporting passion


I’ve never been into sports… all that puffing and ‘glowing’ just puts me off.  Imagine my family’s surprise when I told them I was taking up Cricut!  They were very encouraging and marvelled at this new interest until I explained, “That’s Cricut as in Creative Cutting and not Cricket as in, let’s stand in the sun for 6 hours.”


I am the first to admit this new ‘interest’ is fast becoming an ‘addiction’.

  • I love that I can cut a shape or title for my page in any colour paper or cardstock and make it any size I desire.
  • I love that I can cut a full sheet of identically sized shapes with 3 taps on the screen
  • I love that I can cut a decorative background for my page
  • I love that I don’t need dozens of punches and cutting systems anymore.
  • I love that my creativity has been sent in a whole new direction by this amazing machine.

This month Close To My Heart are sharing the Cricut LOVE.  Join my team as a consultant and you receive your choice of Cricut Cartridge FREE… no strings attached.  Let me show you how you can share a little Cricut love with your friends as they create alongside you.  Check out the savings below. Click here for full details or to join online.  I have monthly Cricut classes too!

New cons offer apr 14


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